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Alpine Skiing


Match details Editorial
Two-Man Run 3 of 4
Medal eventTwo-Man Run 4 of 4


Match details Editorial
Women's Curling Round-Robin United States 7 - 6 Denmark
Women's Curling Round-Robin Japan 3 - 8 Canada
Women's Curling Round-Robin Sweden 6 - 7 South Korea
Women's Curling Round-Robin Olympic Athlete from Russia 2 - 11 Switzerland
Men's Curling Round-Robin Italy 6 - 8 South Korea
Men's Curling Round-Robin Sweden 3 - 10 Switzerland
Men's Curling Round-Robin United States 9 - 7 (AEE) Canada
Men's Curling Round-Robin Great Britain 7 - 6 Denmark
Women's Curling Round-Robin Great Britain 8 - 7 Switzerland
Women's Curling Round-Robin Denmark 7 - 8 Olympic Athlete from Russia
Women's Curling Round-Robin China 4 - 10 United States
Women's Curling Round-Robin Japan 5 - 4 Sweden

Figure Skating

Freestyle Skiing


Match details Editorial
Women's Hockey Semifinals United States 5 - 0 Finland
Women's Hockey Semifinals Canada 5 - 0 Olympic Athlete from Russia

Ski Jumping

Match details Editorial
Men's Team 1st Round
Medal eventMen's Team Final Round


Speed Skating

There are no events for this day.