Thanks for the memories, #PyeongChang2018

Thanks for the memories, #PyeongChang2018
2018 Winter Olympic volunteers jump for joy. The Games may be over, but there are so many moments that will be remembered fondly, by those who were there and those watching from home. © Twitter @Olympics

By Tanya Casole-Gouveia, CBC Sports

The Olympics are many things.

Inspiring. Uplifting. They can build bridges and create stars. They are challenging and make athletes vulnerable as much as they make them heroes. And they can bring a whole nation together.

But also, the Olympics are fun. 

We've already shown you how Olympians turned PyeongChang into a playground, but here are some more moments around the Olympics that really prove how much fun you can have when the world comes together for two weeks. 

Meanwhile on Twitter

A simple tweet booked Canadian band the Arkells a ticket to Pyeongchang, and it also got Twitter user Heidi Fedoruk an Olympic-sized shout out.

She posted a chat she was having with her cousin about how much they enjoy CBC figure skating analyst Kurt Browning: 

And then Browning and bobsleigh announcer Mark Connolly responded with their own special commentary for Fedoruk: 

Which of course led to some more cousin talk, and maybe brunch in the future?

Don't be upset it's over, be glad it happened

Tell that to figure skating fan Colleen Giesbrecht who was a little bit melancholy after Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won gold.

The St. Catharines, Ont., teen had just woken up from having her wisdom teeth removed and this video shows her puffy faced after surgery talking with her father about Tessa and Scott's performance and the end of their competitive careers —in the haze of dental drugs. (Watch with captions on.)

The #luckyloonie strikes gold

Though many Canadian ice-makers were hired to work in Pyeongchang, there weren't any lucky loonies buried in playing surfaces like we've seen in the past. 

Or so we thought.

Canada's 500th all-time Olympic medal, won by Canadian Sebastien Toutant, and the first ever big air gold to be won at the Olympics, may have had a little help from a little piece of Canadian currency after all. 

Thanks to those who made it possible

The Olympics are a long haul, but we can all agree the Olympics are fun, and couldn't have happened without some amazing volunteers. 

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