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Sochi Cheat Sheet: Curling lexicon

Some of the need to know expressions about 'chess on ice'

Curling is a sport that operates in its own language
Curling is a sport that operates in its own language. (File/Getty Images)

The Sochi Games are on and you'll be watching some sports you haven't seen for the last four years, if ever. Don't worry! We have you covered.

Impress your friends, family and co-workers (or, all three, if you're one of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters) by explaining just a handful of curling-specific terms, some of which will be screamed out by Canada's curlers in Sochi.

Expression Meaning
Hurry "Dear sweepers, please clean the path of the rock quickly."
Whoa "Ignore what I just said."
Hack Where a player pushes off from to throw a rock.
 Rock Stone 
Stone  Rock 
Hog line A line that a thrown rock must cross to be considered in play. Failure to get past this line means that the rock is moved off the playing surface. There is much shame in this.
Button The centre of the house (big target), one-foot in diametre. The rock closest to this at the of an end would score a point.
4, 8-, and 12-foot The rings of the house, at various distance. Measuring from inside the house, you have the button, the 4-foot, 8-foot and 12-foot.
Peel When someone throws a rock to intentionally knock an opponent's rock out of play, as well as the rock that is shot.
 Buried A rock that is completely covered by another rock, making it extremely difficult to move with a thrown rock. 
 Guard As in the term above, the rock that is shielding another rock from a direct hit. 
 Hit and stick A take-out shot that has the stone sitting where it made contact with the stationary stone.
 Double take-out No, it's not getting fast-food from two different locations. It's a shot that manages to eliminate two opponent's stones from play.
Freeze  A shot that rests in front of another stone, making it near impossible to be knocked out of play. Thankfully, it's in no way associated with Mr. Freeze.
 Blanking an end When no rocks are in or touching any part of the house. It means no points are scored and the team that threw last rock gets to keep that advantage into the next end. 
Lying  No, the skip isn't fibbing. It's the total possible scorer at a given time in an end. If Team X has the three closest rocks to the button without any of Team Y's rocks closer, Team X would lie, or be lying three. 
 Hammer The last rock thrown in an end, which is a huge advantage to have. Perhaps an inspiration for this song.
Shot rock  The rock that is sitting closest to the button, indicating it would score a point if not moved out of position. 
 Weight No, not this. Weight is the amount of speed on a shot.
 Wrecked Unintentionally hitting another rock in play, messing up the intended shot.

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